About Mama Mags

About The Blogger
About The Mama

Mama Mags is mom to one, wife to one, and step-mom to one (not all the same ‘one’). She loves chocolate and hates mushrooms, and her husband hates chocolate and loves mushrooms, and if she buys any more books he’ll probably divorce her.

(Not yet, anyways.)
I’m not a hoarder.

She writes about parenthood, person-hood, student-hood, and general life-hood, usually from the perspective of an insomniac dealing with a teething toddler.

You think I'm kidding. All the pictures of her are like this.
She only stops moving when she’s asleep.

If you’d like to contact Mama Mags for any reason (money is a good reason. Friendship, too), feel free to email her directly or use the contact form below.

Also, there’s Facebook and Twitter and Pinterest and Google+ and Tumblr and Instagram and all of which are very barren and lonely so you should go add MamaMags to ALL YOUR SOCIAL THINGS.





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